Sunday, 11 April 2010

Car Boot Sale - Beijing style

 Yesterday we held a car boot sale at school and it is the funniest crowd of shoppers we get- both from the local chinese village next to the school and the expat parents from the school community.
It is a win - win situation since much of the money goes to charities and people get a chance to declutter, whether they are moving or just overloaded!

Ian busy selling...
One happy customer
The easy rider bike was an attraction
600rmb ok?...
Hats were popular 
So were crowns
Looking good in Ted Baker, vintage 1999
Loading up the left overs for the charity store


  1. Great set of photos. Looks like the bargain-hunters had a field day! (The sale seems to have gone to everyone's heads, including Ian's!)

  2. Great photos! I really do love the happy chappy in the straw hat! I hope we'll get to see one of the aprons you designed, too :)

  3. looks a lot of fun.wish i had been there.
    like the new look blog with the funky birds.
    linda xx


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