Thursday, 10 June 2010

Making a special space

Last week I was reflecting on sacred as part of the Unravelling course I am on. 
Some of my fellow unravellers had special places within their home 
and that made me think about where I could create the same. 
 I realised that I am never in one space consistently but wanted to create a talisman that I can draw strength from wherever I write
 - which I try to do every morning.

Why not quilt a mat that will always be under my journal? I thought. 
Maybe it can store up good thoughts to appear on the page? Well you get my drift.
 Long story cut short - I was searching amongst bookmarked pages when I was reminded of 
a 'ticker tape' quilt I had seen on Flickr.

Below is my effort - using favourite fabrics and colours.
 Now I write on it (not literally) every morning.
Maybe I need one under my keyboard too!

Here's to special places. 
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You can find instructions on how to make your own ticker-tape quilt at both these inspiring blogs sewmamasew or crazymomquilts.


  1. This is gorgeous! What a lovely idea... I'm sure all those beautiful fabrics will keep your mind fresh and active when writing. I recognise the goldfish and Russian dolls!!! :)

  2. Very pretty Ingrid!

  3. Your lovely mat should inspire some pretty special writings

  4. Ingrid - what a great idea! Thank you for the instructions too. I want to give it a try!


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