Thursday, 22 July 2010

Look what I found in vintage Texas

Navasota, a sleepy city in central Texas - brimming with vintage stores.
A little postcard I created from our day.
Navasota Emporium - we spent a wee while in here!
Loved the size and colour of this Coke jug and 4 glasses.
Silver rimmed cups sit in dimples on the plates - couldn't resist this set of 8.
Two blue jugs to add to the collection
The yellow colour of this crate singled it as the one ...
Displays of old tins added to the atmosphere - 
but wouldn't chose them for my home
One of the beautiful old houses built in the mid 1800's 
by the wealthy cotton growers of the region
Not for sale but loved them all the same
Who just has rusting classic cars lying around in their front garden?
This beauty needs a little love and attention to bring it back to life.

We didn't reach our destination, getting sidetracked by all the quirkiness of Grimes county, Texas.
Loved the people we met and the things we bought. (Can you believe our cases were too full to bring it home , so it sits boxed in Astrid's garage till our next visit).

It's difficult to go shopping for antiques when you have a plane to catch home.

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  1. I rec'd the lovely scarf you sent, but lost your email address, so I will use this Texas post to say thank you. I love it - it's gorgeous and so soft. Love it!

    And love this post, love seeing Texas seen through new eyes. Navasota. I haven't been there in a jillion years. Since I was a kid, I'm thinking. Maybe time. :)

    Thank you again.



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