Monday, 5 July 2010


July 2nd - Tilly @ 3days old, originally uploaded by rufusandco.
Sorry I have been in holiday mode for the last couple of weeks.
Now here in Texas sharing the delight of our first grandchild- Matilda.
Born on June 29th weighing 9lb 1oz (4kg) - she is just beautiful .
Just like the saying goes Tuesday's child is full of grace - she is too.
Astrid and Justin are loving every second of being parents.

Tilly loves snuggling on her
Winganna fleece in the Moses basket I used for all 3 of our children and now being used for the next generation. 
Read more about it on Astrid's blog .

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  1. Tiny Mathilda is so beautiful..and I love her nickname - Tilly - it's perfect for her delicate features.

    Congratulations Grandma - how serendipitous that we would be sharing this experience together. The wonder of it all...


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