Saturday, 1 May 2010

Multicoloured Bird Houses

Spring is finally in the air here in Beijing and I just find myself drawn to the few birds I see flying in our neighbourhood- thinking about what spring would be like back home in the UK.
For a while I have been collecting images together in a gallery on Flickr because there are some amazing constructions out there for birds, if only the birds know where to look!
Hope you enjoy looking at a few of them:

When I have my own back garden again I want to make a multicoloured bird community and attract some colourful feathered friends.

Bird Houses / 20071230.10D.46705 / SML, originally uploaded by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML.

Or maybe we should go for an all red colour scheme

Red Bird Houses, originally uploaded by Todd Klassy.

How about this one to hedge your bets about the size of bird who might be interested in setting up home! This is taken by my friend Marji in Seattle, though not in her own garden.

March 22 - Is Anybody Home?, originally uploaded by Rain City Girl.

Anthropologie even have a white bird house made from Balinese basket and weather coated in resin if you want to offer your friends a classy abode.

Finally I want to show you the amazing bird house built by my relative, Kaare, who lives in Denmark. Is this not the most awe inspiring bird house ever? Reaching over 20 feet into the air. 
photo by Ingrid
One day I hope to have a high rise like this in my garden - a bird totem pole almost.

Hope you enjoy these lines from the Turkish writer, Mehmet Zaman Saclioglu’s poem:

Bird Houses
The outer walls of houses should be bird houses
That take wing when children laugh.
Even if it’s winter outside,
The summer sun should rise inside the walls
And happiness will also warm the birds.

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  1. Seeing Kaare's birdbox totem pole again really made me smile. A great collection. Just need a large tree or big post...


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