Thursday, 5 August 2010

Collection 5 - Ornamental Bamboo rice containers

Bamboo in blue, originally uploaded by rufusandco.
Bamboo vessels are a speciality of the Chiang Mai region, I love this modern twist in blue.

bamboo containers, originally uploaded by rufusandco.
Three more of these large bamboo ornamental rice containers that were originally used to store sticky( glutinous rice) in Thailand.

Mega bamboo in corner, originally uploaded by rufusandco.
This big Bertha is over 3 feet tall and I love the way it fills a corner. It was too big to bring back on the plane - so it is here in Chiang Mai to stay!


  1. Could you not put Dad inside the Big Bertha, and let Big Bertha have his seat on the plane?! What lovely containers... especially that blue one.

  2. Good to see your collection is growing. Jenni


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