Saturday, 14 August 2010

Why am I shopping early for Christmas?

When I say shopping early for Christmas, 
what I really mean is shopping early 
for Christmas INSPIRATION

through my new obsession

I wrote about it here and was hoping for an invite - 
which came within a couple of hours of me putting the thought out there.
 Thank you Universe - well Jodi actually.

'So what is all your fuss about?' you are asking.
 Well it is just the most amazing way to collect and save inspiration you find on the web. 
No need for messy bookmarks and folders 
where you never remember why on earth you bookmarked that page.
 It all looks so neat and beautiful.

 I just love my Christmas inspiration page... 
I know I am not being modest,
but the best of it is that you can look at everyone else's pin boards 
and get yet more inspiration.

 Drawback... there had to be one 
it is now midday and I am still not showered!
But it is Saturday 
Rufus has been walked and fed,
so why not enjoy the weekend being inspired. 
It's like a great cup of coffee...

At the moment it is just in beta stage 
(don't ask me what that is)
so if you want an invitation to join
just send Pinterest an email and they will hopefully oblige.

Thanks for dropping by and hope we can get pinning together soon.


  1. I've emailed... hopefully, they'll let me in, too.

  2. Can't wait to get started. Thanks for sending the info!!


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