Monday, 9 August 2010

Labels for The Fable of the Table

I have been looking into labels recently....
This label bag was my starting point, posted by Solgrim. What a fab idea.

But I was on a search for inspiration for just one - my own label.
Skating sheep, love them but not for tablecloths!

Japanese match boxes certainly have a style I love.

But maybe it was just words I wanted, like these.
If you want to try printing your own labels read this helpful tutorial

In the process of designing a range of table cloths and runners,
 I need to have a unique and memorable tag for them.

A bit of research has thrown up some great ideas but 
I did not want my label to conflict with the design.

Finally I decided to just use colour and shape 
and make my own with red cotton tape and a black pompom. 
What do you think of my first one?
(I will add a card label to give product details in due course.)

Hemp runner with japanese fabric trim- see here for more on creating the look.

More labels in my Flickr gallery


  1. I love your first one, I love the splash of colour, I love the texture of the pom pom, I love the sensory feel it will give to the piece.

  2. Thanks Debbie. Really great to get feedback. Glad you like pompoms too.

  3. Love your first one too, love the simplicity but statement of it, love that it's 3D too. Great bag and investigation into labels. The leaf one is my favourite.

  4. Good idea to go for colour and shape...words are two a penny! Jenni

  5. Thanks Marie and Jenni for your thumbs up.


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