Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Ginza by night

Yesterday, we had just two hours on Ginza 
and were able to see a stationery selection par excellence. 
Our first stop was Ito-Ya, who call themselves a "Stationery Wonderland".
Googled image
It is easy to find - just look for the big red paper clip hanging outside. 
9 floors of cards, pens, paper  and more.  
Tokyu Hands was our second stop filled with more delights. 
If you are ever in Tokyo - then put these two on your list. 
Who can resist pig and dog shaped paper clips?

Dinner was a big surprise - 
Gonpachi in Roppongi looks unassuming from the outside
but inside is just full of amazing aromas
shouts from the waiters and a feeling of deja vu! 
Turns out old Quentin Tarantino dined here 
and then had designers replicate the interior for 'Kill Bill 1' 
- you know where Uma jumps through the air & lots of blood spurting.
No blood for us, 
just amazing fried shrimp dumplings, 
tuna so fresh and tasty (unlike anything I've eaten before), 
cod fried in black miso ....  delicious flavours and great atmosphere. 
With staff calling across the room, it reminded me of a Beijing noodle house. 
This was Edo style - in Tokyo it's a little more sophisticated!! 
Considering the quality, prices were not expensive.
Now back in Beijing with fabrics and stationery goodies - just the weather is a bit nippy!

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  1. Wow, nine floors of stationary! That does sound fun. I love the Rufus-shaped and Alice-shaped paper clips! :)


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