Thursday, 11 February 2010

Pincushions and packing

I should be packing suitcases ready to leave for the Uk tomorrow for a trip home - but I seem to be feeling the need to sew.
Since I discovered two lovely blogs I have been itching to try their tutorials.
Pink Penguin shows a little fabric basket and Mairuru had me intrigued with her string quilt.
So yesterday afternoon I got out some scraps and this is what I made in a couple of hours....

I have changed things a little - you know me never do it the way I'm told!
I just loved sewing these mini string quilts - now I have pincushion mania. Having made one for me and made one for my big sis, so now I need to find homes for the next 3.
If you would like one of my perky pincushions just email me in the comments below and the first 3 to respond will have a pincushion winging it's way to them. All I ask in return is that you email me a photo of the cushion and how you use it.
They are made with scraps from Japan, China and Denmark - so they'll sit happily anywhere in the world!
Oh well back to the packing.......


  1. you are a busy bee.
    gerd is into making bags and cumputer cases. you'll have to get her to show you hers!!
    enjoy your trip to uk.
    love linda xx

  2. I love your bags and you did them so quickly. They are beautiful and I can tell that they are multicultured. Gorgeious fabrics. Have a great vacation. I am off to Tuscany on Saturday. Life is good xo kendra

  3. Actually I made 5 this afternoon -so still got 3 to give away!

  4. i love the bags those are darling! susan

  5. How lovely! I can't believe you made all that in a few hours! I love how the yellow spotty fabric is so eye-catching... and, of course, all the reds you used!

  6. Hi! Thanks for adding all of the Unravellers to your blogroll! I appreciate the link! Looking forward to your next giveaway too :)

  7. Trust me to miss the boat here on Sunday, at least it has made me set up RSS feed which is a first. Enjoy the trip home, may bump into you!


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