Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Tiny House Blog

I just Stumbled Upon (literally) this blog site which has the cutest little houses you ever did see.

I have an interest in tiny houses because my sister Jenni has requested 
that we make sure that when we come back to the Uk and buy a house 
we have enough space to allow her a 'shed' in the bottom of the garden!
This has given Ian, my husband, endless hours of fun 
searching for amusing houses to show Jenni.
Little did he know that there is a blog dedicated to help him find the ultimate!
Which do you think she'd like from these on offer?

1. A little Eco-house
Read more about it here 
Maybe Bilbo and Frodo lived here.

2. A House-to-Go
So if she tires of us she can simply drive away!
3. An Old-time-House
Made from the fuselage of a World War 2 glider
(Almost the right era!)
4. A Shepherd's Hut
5. Eco Dome

Post you thoughts in the comments and I will have a special giveaway for the funniest one.

If you want to read more , this book looks perfect:
Tiny house photos from The Tiny House Blog


  1. These homes are amazing! I love the frodo eco-house with its built-in garden on the roof! The timbered ceiling inside is something else. But in terms of the simple life, the shepherd's hut would be hard to beat as a perfect pied a terre.

  2. You had better to move to Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen By The Sea then

  3. I can really see Jenni in the Shepherd's hut! Just make sure the garden isn't on too steep of a hill if you're by the sea... or else she might wake up with a bit of a splash!

    (Oh, and as an added bonus with that one, Dad would be able to take all the close-up photos of tin nothingness that his heart desires!)

  4. Gosh...I comment all the way from China! How lucky am I!!! Thank you so much for leaving me a note, totally makes my day!! By the way, I did make it to China this past summer.....Long story! (HSB is chineese)
    Good luck with your new blog, let's explore the blog world together ;)

  5. Love these tiny houses. And your words here. Happy to have stumbled here from A Design So Vast!

  6. I want Bilbo and Frodo to scootch over and make room for me! Love! That house looks like magic...


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