Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tokyo time

Just in Tokyo for a few days. 
Time to see my first blossom of the year and a little fabric shopping!
Monday I met up with Helena for a special day wandering the old temples and shrines 
of Kamakura and enjoying the blossom on early flowering cherry trees. 
Spring can't be too far away, can it?
Beautiful scene at Meigetsuin Temple.

Sake for the soul!
The most expensive strawberries ever! 
This box was 10,000yen ($110 or £70). 
Yes you did read that right!

 Kato and Simba - the two cutest cats in Tokyo 
You can see them again with Helena's gorgeous purses here


  1. Lovely blossoms! What on Earth makes those strawberies so expensive? Are some of them albinos? Can't wait to see some of the fabrics you find!

  2. Thank you for the company, I had a lovely time. Amazing photos of the flowers. Kato is now locked out of the kitchen, I found him "helping" my work by completely destroying the ball of black yarn I use for my hungry cat pouches. He is not one of the cutest cats in Tokyo, but definitely one of the naughtiest.
    I hope you found your way around Nippori, next time I will come with you.
    See you soon again.


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