Sunday, 7 February 2010

Organising and getting things finished

Hmmm... seems like everything I start up on my post does not get finished - did you not notice an absence of wolf moon textile hanging? Where is the house quilt that was supposed to be finished in a week? 
Well today I am trying to tie these ends up. What has made the difference? My new super duper work room reorganised and refurnished and full of inspiration again.
I don't know how I dare admit to this state of chaos!

Yesterday Ian assembled the new desks and storage (yes, it is handy having a husband who likes shopping in IKEA!) and I spent the day trying to organise all my fabrics and stuff. How do I come to have so many notebooks? They must be breeding in the many boxes they have been stored in.
Hope you enjoy taking a look and if you are ever short of fabric you know where to come! (I have lots more in the basement too.)
I just love the new look.

So here is what I managed for my full moon piece - I feel it is a work in progress. Couldn't manage to make a wolf - imagine him just off the canvas!

Unfortunately I broke my sewing machine needle on a tough bit and now my machine makes an awful sound when I sew! Think the wolf had something to say about being missed off! 
I cleaned, oiled and reassembled the bobbin bit 4 times - to no avail. So that is a bit of a challenge since there are no Bernina mechanics here in Beijing. I don't know if I dare take it to a repair man here. Maybe Mr IKEA can take a look as he is on a roll at the moment.

As for the house quilt - it is delayed as I have to finish a quilt for a school project - we are making quilts for some mentally challenged young people who are just about to move out of their orphanage (they have to leave at age 18 in China) and will be together in a sheltered home, in part paid for by our school, International School of Beijing. I am making a quilt for one of the girls - but now I face quilting it with my machine making a clunk at every stitch sewn! No - I am not going to hand quilt it!! Maybe the elves will mend it in the night... or better still - quilt it!
Hope you have an inspiring/ organising weekend too.


  1. the moon piece looks very japanesy.
    your work room so tidy-you know it wont last!!
    i have material everywhere. you have inspired me to sort it all out-tomorrow!
    keep quilting-i finished the top of my retro quilt and now i'm not syre i like it.
    take care, linda x

  2. What a transformation...I'm very impressed. Pity about your ailing sewing machine; maybe your tailor can lend you one! Yes, could your full moon be an arty alternative the Japanese flag (with a cratered moon instead of the rising sun)?

  3. In my delusional mind, my office looks like your neat and tidy After shot. In reality, it looks more like your Before. Sigh.

    Thanks for visiting.

  4. Good news. Ian solved the clunking-by removing fluff with broken needle piece from inner bowels. Now me and my machine are purring happily again!

  5. Glad it is fixed, was going to suggest turning it upside down and shaking it, amazing what comes rattling out! and wow what a room, how come my Mr Ikea has a whole office room and my c**p is in the old airing cupboard? Heh ho.

  6. It looks lovely! I'm glad the sewing machine is fixed again, and the curse of the missing wolfie is broken! :)


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