Monday, 22 February 2010

High Tide at Dunwich

On our last full day in England we took a walk along a favourite part of the Suffolk coast at Dunwich.

The tide cannot be turned on the lost town of Dunwich.
Most of which is now under the sea, 
having been washed away by coastal erosion.
1500 years ago it was the largest port in the east of England - 
but the sea has left it a small village today.
Legend says that the church bells can still be heard from beneath the waves at certain tides!
A few fishing boats still work the waters.....

I love to collect stones ....... 

enjoy fish and chips at the Ship Inn
spend time with my sister Jenni
and watch the waves roll in.
Worth a visit when you are in the east of England.
I'll be back in the summer - if I have the chance. 


  1. Lovely photos! And funnily enough, the idea of collecting stones made me more nostalgic than the fish and chips! Love the photo of Jenni... she makes the stones look like a feather bed!

  2. love your photos!! have a beautiful day! susan


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