Saturday, 30 January 2010

I see a Wolf Moon Rising

If you hear strange sounds tonight when you're out - be aware that it is Full Wolf Moon night. Isn't that the most exciting name for a moon?  According to Farmers Almanac, in the cold and deep snows of midwinter the wolf packs would circle Indian villages and howl hungrily seeking food.
Googled image
Don't miss it because tonight's full moon will be the brightest and largest of 2010 - so if the skies are clear maybe it's time for a howl! See here for more moon facts.

This being the first new moon of the decade could be the starting point for making plans and envisioning dreams. Read about creating your own Full Wolf Moon dreamboard at Jamie Ridler's studio and see more of her inspirational ideas.
Maybe I'll try combining Sarah's inspiration from yesterday with moons and wolves!!! 
Yet more about dream boards here

Wolf moon over Yosemite, Beijing, China!

Need a good book to read? I just could not put "Wolf Totem" by Jiang Rong down. 
"As Chen Zhen looked through the telescope from his hiding place in the snow cave, he saw the steely gaze of a Mongolian grassland wolf..."
 It is the most incredible story and you will find so many wolves! It is based on the author's own experiences in the 1960's in Inner Mongolia.


  1. A real call to the wild...your beautiful full moon quartet from China has such a poetic quality about it and feels very yin-yang...

  2. What a beautiful board. It taps into that sense of natural time, natural shifts. May your creativity and your dreams grow abundantly and organically under the power of the Full Wolf Moon.

  3. HOWWWWL! I love that photo of the moon through the branches... beautiful!

  4. I love the different skies behind your moons. It makes me realize that for all of her phases, the moon is always there. Compelling.

  5. Beautiful board....the power just jumps off the page!

  6. ~stunning photography...can't get enough of taking pictures of the moon...BEAUTIFUL...brightest blessings~

  7. I love the wild beauty here. I hope all you seek finds you.

  8. Thank you for all your positive comments.... wishing you all that you dream for in the coming year.

  9. We are enjoying a brilliant, clear, bitterly cold Wolf moon night here in East Coast Canada tonight.

    (This is a visit from a fellow unraveller...)

  10. May all your full moon dreams come true.. love the colors and the different moon pics and of course the wolf howling!

  11. Hi, Thank you for your lovely words! Love your moon pictures! See you on Unravelling. Ingridx


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