Sunday, 10 January 2010

coffee break

photo: ingrid duffy

I hope that reading my blog will be as enjoyable as drinking freshly brewed coffee from a beautiful china cup.... like the one I was given yesterday by m.o.m. (my old man).
Interesting - 'January 9th is a special day in your household?' you ask.
No, it turns out that he had forgotten to wrap it up as a pressie for me for christmas (he did go nuts in the Royal Copenhagen shop in November) and so my christmas was already a happy one.
In fact maybe he felt I did not deserve too many good things on one day and was saving it for my birthday! But then became all generous yesterday and hopped up to his secret store place and produced 2 beautiful cups for our coffee. Whatever the true story - I love drinking from it.
I do love Scandinavian design and have several great blog suggestions to follow if you do too.
Just for starters, take a look here. Love these photos on My Scandinavian Retreat.


  1. What a lovely surprise! Those cups are beautiful! It sounds like it would be worth finding out where Dad's secret stash is!

  2. What a lovely surprise indeed...I'm sure it made the coffee taste all the more delicious!

  3. aww that's such a lovely present! You didn't tell me that he gave you that cup.

  4. Always time for excellent coffee Ingrid! Good composition in the photo :)


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