Sunday, 24 January 2010

The best Canelloni ever

No, we aren't done with Ian's birthday yet. 
I need to share with you aspects of our delicious lunch at Sureno, the Italian restaurant in the Opposite House, Beijing. There is stunning contemporary chinese art to enjoy as you enter and delicious dishes to savour when you descend to the restaurant. 
In  the photo you see my dessert of 'Crisp fracatti with raspberry curd'... mmmmmmm, below it is my empty dish - all that was left of the most divine 'Canelloni Ripieni'. Described on the menu as 'handcrafted Italian rolled pasta, filled with angus beef ragout, spinach and ricotta'. Simply the best canelloni ever. 
I think Reggie Osila, the charming Operations Manager, obviously recognised this because without my asking he kindly presented me with the chef's handwritten recipe for it. Touched --- I was speechless. To top this Reggie then reappeared with 2 glasses of sparkling Prosecco to celebrate Ian acquiring another year and more grey hairs.
Interested to learn more on how to make this? ... Well I may just have to share, as it is a long way for some of you to come for lunch - but hey , if you live in Beijing you know where to go.


  1. Hej!
    Jag har precis kommit på att vi båda är svenskor, båda heter Ingrid och att vi båda gör Susannahs kurs!
    Kram Ingrid

  2. Too funny. I am british - but danish mother-hence the name. So happy to connect with you.


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