Friday, 29 January 2010

Inspiration from Unravellers...part1

Don't you just love it when you open a blog for the first time and the page makes you go 'Wow'!
Well that happened yesterday morning when I took my first look at my online pal Sarah's Etsy site.
I just love the way she combines paper, fabric and stitches to create something so beautiful yet simple. Her blog also reflects the same ethos.

Take a look at Sarah's portfolio to see more. 

My workroom is filled with paper, yarn and textiles from my travels. I love them ... yet they sit unused on my shelves. Inspired by Sarah's art I decided to seize the moment and quickly gathered together this selection....

'The Sea, The Sea" - (never finished the book) but that's what I feel is coming together here.
2 hours later..... the fabrics remain uncut and the brow is furrowed - it seemed so easy to assemble to constituents but what now! 
I promise to come back on Sunday with a start. 

If you feel Sarah's superb pieces inspire you then stop what you're doing (after you finished reading this blog!) and collect together a few pieces from your creative lair. Then photograph it and please send it to me. I'd love to see it and the best  collection is going to receive a little chinese Tiger in the post from me, to welcome in the New Year of the Tiger on February 14th - and have it's own spotlight on this blog. Of course - like me you may just decide the smartest idea is to go to Sarah's site and buy one.

Sarah by the way is one of the amazing co-unravellers on the photo journalling course I am on now. Click here for info on how you can Unravel! 


  1. How very generous... and what a sweet tiger! I love your collection. Very you, with all the turquoise! Beautiful. I can't wait to see what comes out of it!

  2. Well done sunshine for inspiring the rest of us to seize the moment. You've created something very need to do any more.

    As Josef Frank says in your earlier blog: "The home does not need to be planned out in detail, just put together by pieces its inhabitants love."

    And maybe that goes for life too.

  3. Sarah's work is truly inspiring and her voice is so clear through her work. I love your photograph of your assembled materials - lovely.


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