Monday, 18 January 2010

Photos from my iPhone

photo: Ingrid Duffy

Wanted to share some photos I took this morning and show you what cool apps there are for the iPhone camera. Can you believe I could do this with just one click (and the Hipstamatic app too)?
I mentioned a couple of days ago that I am doing an amazing online course in photo journalling called Unravelling. I am learning so much from everyone there and this app was something that one of the great co-unravellers shared with our group. So if you have an iPhone could be that you need it too - unless you don't like scratchy retro feel photos.

Another really great download is Polardroid which allows you to turn a photo into a cool retro looking polaroid with just a click of the button. Then print it on photo paper and cut it to polaroid size and you have almost the genuine article. Thanks Kendra for the heads up on this.

photo: Ingrid Duffy

Playing around with photos can be so much fun. Please share any cool tips you have with me and my small but loyal? band of followers.
Which reminds me to ask if you like what you see on this new little blog, please make my day and sign in as a follower. Do share it with friends if you are feeling extra enthusiastic.


  1. That bird house photo is just my favourite! I'd like to reserve it as the cover photo for my book when it's finally published!!

  2. Which birdhouse? Do you mean the chinese lanterns!!!!!!!
    I would be honoured.

  3. Oh, yeah, I mean Chinese lanterns. I was thinking they were bird cages, I guess!

  4. that iphone is amazing....can you believe I still don't have one yet ? only because of it's lack of service for part of the state I travel in regularly...uggh.....but soon, I will get one, as things are a changing !

  5. What a wonderful blog, I am reading it all through now. Great photos, and thank you for the tips.


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