Sunday, 17 January 2010

Astrid's Chair

When I opened Anthropologie's latest email, the name "Astrid's chair" caught my eye.... my eldest daughter is also called Astrid. So I had to click and see what chair Astrid should be sitting in, and this beautiful chair appeared on my screen - just perfect for my beautiful daughter.

Now take a look at these chair frames -made by our very talented friend "Mr Summer"- a chinese master craftsman in furniture. Do you see a similarity? Well obviously they are waiting for me to find the right fabric to cover them in!
So they remain undressed at the moment - just waiting for me to venture to my favourite place in Beijing - the fabric market! I don't think I will find orange dahlia's - but who knows? Maybe next week the temperatures will rise enough to make it bearable to be outdoors browsing the thousands of bolts. I'll keep you posted!

This is the original french antique chair that provided the inspiration - seen better days.

Take a look at Anthropologie's spring preview. Just wish they were in Beijing! Still I see they have their first store in Europe in London - so maybe we can visit them when we are back in February!

Enjoy the weekend - great day for staying inside and looking forward to a thaw!
Check out Astrid's gorgeous blog here

photos: Anthropologie and Ingrid Duffy


  1. 'Looooove, love the chair! And searching for the perfect fabric for Mr Summer's chairs, what a nice way to spend your day ...'

  2. Ooh, Astrid loves the Astrid chair! I'm proud to have my name associated with something so bright and funky! I hope you're able to create something just as cool with Mr. Summer's help!


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