Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Fabrics galore

What a great time I had yesterday at one of my fave places to shop in Beijing - Mu Xi Yuan  (the fabric market). 
This little mosaic captures a few elements of my day. Never a dull moment... whether it is the offloading huge bales of fabric or the sweet little boy all wrapped against the icy temperatures (that is a lollipop in his mouth!)
Just a few of the fabrics that came home with yesterday and yes I did find a wonderful fabric to cover Astrid's chair with... more of that later.
Been very busy all day sewing - a surprise that will be revealed on Friday.
When you come to Beijing and have seen the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, this is the next wonder to behold. It stretches for acres and even though they keep knocking parts down there never seems to be a day that I can't find fabric to buy.

I just wanted to say how much it means to me to see friends faces as followers - thankyou. You make my day .... everyday. Have a great one.


  1. Yay, you managed to make a photo grid! It looks good... really captures the feeling of Mu Xi Yuan. I love that big red gingham fabric... what's that one for? Is that for the Astrid chair?!

  2. Anthropologie, I knew you would like that one, visited the store before Christmas and really loved bargain corner! £178 to £19.50 now that is sale prices. Love the site, have not had time to really delve, all your links look fab and could fill a week. See you soon ...

  3. Ingrid! I just saw your comment on my blog, fellow Unraveller Gogovivi here...I can't tell you how excited I am that you found me! And you're in Beijing, I am in Qingdao, only an hour by air! I can tell from your blog that we have a lot in common and I am very happy to "meet" you!


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