Saturday, 20 March 2010

March 20 - Yellow, yellow, completely yellow

Woke up this morning to find we had a sand storm blowing and everything 
outside was bathed in an eerie yellow light here in Beijing.

P.S. No photoshopping /funny filters or iphone apps involved 
in the production of this photo.

P.P.S. Blog title a reference to a favourite blog of mine!


  1. Surreal looking. I'd better enjoy some more clean air before heading back to Beijing next Wednesday!
    Bought some pretty batik material for quilting! Can't wait to get started!

  2. What a strange light--could inspire daydreams of strange planets!

  3. Hahaha, love it! Beijing even made the news over here for your big sand storm!

  4. wow, it's pretty in an erie kind of way! hope all is well! susan

  5. As you're still waiting the arrival of spring, here's a poem to ease the waiting:

    The Spring

    (After Rilke)

    Spring has returned! Everything has returned!
    The earth, just like a schoolgirl, memorizes
    Poems, so many poems. ... Look, she has learned
    So many famous poems, she has earned so many prizes!

    Teacher was strict. We delighted in the white
    Of the old man's beard, bright like the snow's:
    Now we may ask which names are wrong, or right
    For "blue," for "apple," for "ripe." She knows, she knows!

    Lucky earth, let out of school, now you must play
    Hide-and-seek with all the children every day:
    You must hide that we may seek you: we will! We will!

    The happiest child will hold you. She knows all the things
    You taught her: the word for "hope," and for "believe,"
    Are still upon her tongue. She sings and sings and sings.

    ~ Delmore Schwartz ~

  6. I love the kind of weather that brings strange light. It awakens us to itself.


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