Thursday, 4 March 2010

An Ode to Fabulous Fabric

Just wanted to share with you 
a bit of the fun i had today
 at my favourite place in Beijing - 
Mu Xi Yuan  ( the wholesale fabric market).
Those of you who have been here before 
will know that i LOVE this place. 
Covers a huge area, 
 is dirty, 
 piled high with bolts  
and endless possibilities
Oh the decisions to be made....

That is Phuong top left and me bottom right and my favourite fabric guy in Beijing helping us.

i would have bought the whole bolt of this amazing fabric (below)
if only
 i could think of how to justify it
so i bought 3 yards and 
then went back and bought 5 more 
and may just decide to go back and
 buy the rest.
Does a fabric ever have this effect on you?

Some of the softest satinised cottons
ready to be turned into 
tiny outfits for my granddaughter
who is expected to appear
in June
in Texas ... 
and could very well be appearing on this blog 
in just a matter of months
wearing one of these very fabrics.
There will never be a time 
when I won't need 
to buy fabric -
 that's one thing I know for sure.


  1. What lovely fabrics... the four squares are like the "blank" pages of a little children's cloth book, sitting there waiting to tell their own story!

  2. That Anthropologie print almost looks like the fabric is dripping... or melting! I think it'll look very cool on whatever it turns into!



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