Sunday, 28 March 2010

Treasures from the Dirt Market

Anyone who loves flea markets and things chinese should definitely add a visit to Beijing's Dirt Market as one of the 100 places they shop at before they die.
I must have been there 100 times since I moved to Beijing 
and I hope I will be back a few more times before I leave.

Sometimes visitors to our house wonder at how 
I could find a place for more treasure... 
well nothing like having a problem to help me find a solution!

Yesterday I was back there again.
I love to go with friends who see new things
and cause me to stop in new places and thereby find new treasures, unseen before.
Taking a camera is a good solution for me - as it helps me to snap a shot instead of a 'bargain'!
From the collection above I only purchased 2 categories- clocks and ceramic pots!
I had no problem resisting the wide eyed dragon! But the little red hen alarm clock was very tempting.
I wish I had come home with the Mao plates - but it's good to have something to go back for.
These 'Ming' miniatures were irresistible. Less than 2 inches high and beautifully glazed, I succumbed to buying more than I am willing to admit to in print. 
Maybe they will be there next time but I have learnt that life is ephemeral here in China and never take things for granted!

Pan Jia Yuan, also known as 'The Dirt Market', is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 7am till 4pm. Located on the south east corner of the 3rd Ring Road, it is well known and easy to get to. It is popular with locals and tourists alike and if it's made in China there is likely to be some version of it here. Be prepared for some haggling especially if you are not local. But as long as you don't believe it's an antique and never pay more than you think it's worth - then you are a winner.


  1. I love the little Ming pieces set out on a tree stump! So clever! I'm sure you were smart to buy a lot at one time!

  2. Brings back some great memories...that little blue teapot is very eye-catching. Have you had a little tea ceremony with it yet?


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