Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Road

Monday morning
felt like
I was in another landscape
like a grim, post-apocalypse world
where only my dog and I
 were left to wander 
the desolate, ochre coloured surroundings.
Sand storms change everything 
from the light 
to my mood.
One thing 
would have brightened me up ...
Viggo Mortensen coming towards me
but that was the movie 
and this is real life.
you'll have to be my hero for the day.

Post script: Tuesday saw the winds blow away the silty air and we got blue sky for a while.


  1. Dog gone it! Talk about a one-horse town...that street looks straight out a spaghetti western movie. Where's Clint Eastwood, Rufus? Or have you been cast as "the dog with no name"?

  2. I must be honest, your world looks quite adverturous to me, I love your pictures and your words!

  3. l love your images. Thanks for visiting my blog. l see you are ding a photography journalism course..envy youx what are doing in Bejing..and hellox lynda


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